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    Your Discretion And Privacy Are Assured When You Order PenisHealth™

    We have discreetly helped over 98,873 men in their efforts to train and enlarge their erections over the last 9 years and have a massive amount of experience in helping YOU reach your goals.

    To help reassure that you are making the right decision, we would like to inform you of our efforts to make your PenisHealth™ purchase as easy and discreet as possible. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

    • If you order the physical PenisHealth™ DVD, it is shipped to you in discreet packaging with no reference to the contents.
    • When you order, your credit card will show Permenda or Pen-Health.com.
    • We will NEVER sell personal information to any Third Party, and we will always seek to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1988.

    And you can rest assured your data is completely secure. Your Credit Card details are not kept on file, and we use a 128-bit encryption ordering to ensure your order is a safe as humanly possible.

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