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    We Guarantee That Penishealth™ Can Work For You Or We Will Give You Your Money Back!

    Using PenisHealth™, you CAN enlarge your erection. Not just the length but the thickness too.

    And since its launch in 2002, PenisHealth™ has helped transformed the sex lives of thousands of users who are talking about the success and gains they have experienced over at our customer forum.

    Remember, we have over 64,000 members in our underground membership forum, so well over half our customers are actually using the forum. That tells us a lot about the effectiveness of PenisHealth™ and it’s potential to help you bigger, stronger and more powerful erection.

    Because of this, we offer one of the most comprehensive refund guarantees in the industry.

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    With PenisHealth™, you will receive an IRON CLAD guarantee which will help ensure that you will see your erections get bigger… or you will simply get your money back! We take our commitment to our customers VERY seriously.

    We have thousands of satisfied customers talking on our forum, about how their new found confidence and larger penises have completely transformed their sex lives!

    All you have to do is use PenisHealth™’s incredibly effective exercises for 120 consecutive days, and if your penis doesn’t grow longer, wider OR harder within that time, we will gladly hand you back your money.

    Just don’t forget to call our customer services team if you need any help with ANYTHING in PenisHealth™.

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    Don’t forget that penis exercises are a medically recognised method of helping enlarging and strengthen your erection, not some kind of Hocus Pocus!

    Within just a few short weeks, you really CAN acquire a bigger and more imposing penis to help make your sex life more intense and satisfying. For both you and your partner.

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    Complete terms of the guarantee

    Please note, when applying for a refund, you must use our “automated refund system.” This is to speed up the refund procedure and avoid lengthy delays. Before requesting a refund the following conditions need to be met:

    1. You must of used the PenisHealth exercise program for a minimum of 120 consecutive days. This is because it can take some time to get used to the exercises and some people take longer to see gains.
    2. If you are having trouble with the penis exercises, you must contact customer support for support and advise on getting the product to work for you, via telephone or via the customer support ticketing system. We have trained assistants on hand who will be able to help you with the exercises and techniques.
    3. You must officially request for your refund via the “automated refund system” 6 months (180 days) from the date of purchase.
    4. We must be in successful receipt of the returned PenisHealth DVD (and all additional items purchased) within 6 months (180 days) of your initial purchase.

    If in the unlikely event you will ask for a refund, we will require:

    • Your full name, address and order ID number.
    • Details of your exercise workout program.
    • The PenisHealth™ DVD and Case (If you ordered the PenisHealth™ Ultimate Package )

    If your refund request does not meet all the requirements you will not be eligible for a refund. We strongly suggest that you send your parcel to us using a COURIER service which tracks the delivery of your parcel (PenisHealth™ Ultimate Package only). We cannot be held responsible for any packages sent to us which use a non-tracked method.

    A processing and handling fee of $20 will be applied to all refunds. Cancellations: Also, You may cancel your order providing that you return any products (including any free goods, see 8.4 in Terms and Conditions) already delivered to you at your expense by registered post as soon as possible.

    It is important that you have not used or opened any of the products otherwise you will not be eligible to cancel your order. Special offer up sells: Any additional special offer items purchased at the checkout are not eligible for a refund.

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