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    Obviously you want to enlarge your erection or you wouldn’t be here, but you probably have a few questions.

    We’ve tried to answer most of them throughout the site, but in case you’ve missed something, you’ll probably find your question covered here.

    First of all, remember that your purchase is covered by our 180 day guarantee, so you really can order PenisHealth™ with the reassurance of our guarantee.

    With our guarantee, you will be able to claim your money back in the event that PenisHealth™ does not do what we’ve promised. It really is that simple. PenisHealth™ is a thoroughly researched system to help enlarge your erections, and only requires from as little as 8 minutes per day to help you start seeing gains!

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    So order PenisHealth™ today, because it can help you to:

    • Work towards BIGGER and more POWERFUL erections to enjoy with your lovers. Why not? Sex is a heavy part of life, so why not enjoy it with a massive erection?
    • See increases in your erect penis’ length AND girth. Great news, because according to some studies, almost three quarters of women are disappointed with their lovers size.
    • Experience superior “porn star” ejaculation control. Helps put an end to the frustrating and embarrassing problems caused by premature ejaculation.
    • Have STRONGER and harder erections. Combined with the above, can help make you a Casanova in the bedroom. Why should YOU suffer with the “one minute man” blues?!
    • Enjoy an increased libido and sex drive. It’s simple. For many men, when you know you can REALLY perform,
      you REALLY want to perform more often.

    How Does PenisHealth™ Work?

    It’s a fact known by many medical professionals that the penis CAN be exercised to help increase the erections length, girth, firmness, strength & overall fitness.

    When you increase the erections size and improve it’s function, this can GREATLY assist your sexual performance and your ability to please women in bed. In many ways, it’s like training in a gym and working towards increasing your muscles. By training your erection, it CAN become bigger and better!

    These techniques have been developed esspecially for you, and many of our satisfied customers have used them to help improve the amount of blood their erection can hold. And they can ALSO work for YOU!

    It works naturally, using proven techniques that have been used successfully for many years. This is why PenisHealth™ can help you to get a thicker and longer erection to enjoy with and pleasure your woman with.

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    How Long Do I Need To Spend Each Day On The PenisHealth™ Exercises?

    8 minutes. That’s all.

    These exercises are medically recognised, and as such they can take just minutes to complete every day. That’s another reason why PenisHealth™ is such a great way to work towards your bigger erection.

    The reason for this is because they have been developed over many, many years and they can be very efficient when done right. Just make sure you follow the instructions closely and don’t try and cut corners.

    Why would you want to anyway, when they take as little as 8 short minutes a day to help you see amazing gains.

    Order PenisHealth today and start seeing results in as little as 14 days…

    Do I Need Any Special Equipment to Perform The Exercises?

    No, not at all. Another great feature is that you don’t need any equipment to perform these very powerful exercises.

    In fact you can, and our customers do, perform some of these exercises while in the car, on the bus, in the bath, while watching TV … because many of them just involve discreet muscle exercising.

    What Gains Can I Expect With PenisHealth™?

    This obviously depends on many factors, but the gains of our members can vary considerably, but what we can tell you, that rarely do we have a customer who is unsatisfied with their erection gains! However make sure you beware of companies promising unrealistic gains, such as 5 and 6 inch gains. Think about it. Does that sound feasible to you?

    With PenisHealth™ you can begin to see gains in a matter of weeks, which will motivate you to keep going with the exercises.
    And remember that your gains can be in both the length and thickness of your erections.
    You’ll be amazed how much bigger you could look and feel with even the smallest gains.

    And at PenisHealth™ our researchers, clients and customers have added secret exercises that are not available on most other sites!

    This makes PenisHealth™ unique; we challenge you to find another program that can offer every exercise and the wealth of information that we offer for such a low one-off fee.

    How Long Does It Take To See Results?

    This also depends on different factors. If you stick to the program many people start seeing some results in a matter of a few weeks, which drives them on to keep going and make more gains.

    The biggest results can be seen in just a few short months if you are dedicated.

    What Is The Average Penis Size?

    Despite many reports and studies on average penis size the results have varied dramatically due to different measuring techniques and problems with sample selection. However, it is often said that the average penis size is between 6 and 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth when erect.

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    How Many Exercises Will I Get?

    Currently there are 34 exercises within the PenisHealth™ members area all of which are accompanied by at least 3 videos and 6 photos as well as a written description. We are constantly looking for new exercises to add to the program and any additional exercises are given to members as part of their membership. We will NEVER ask for additional fees when we add new content.

    Does Age Matter?

    No – providing you are at least 18, age does not matter. We have customers aged 70+ who have used the program and seen gains as a result.

    Is It Ok To Masturbate Whilst Doing The Exercise Program?

    You may masturbate when following the program, however, we recommend that you abstain from masturbation for at least 2 hours both before and after performing exercises. This helps to prevent injury and many have theorised that is helps increase the effectiveness of your workout.

    Order PenisHealth™ today and enjoy a longer penis… you will be
    able to start within just a few minutes of ordering!

    Can I Do The Exercises More Than Once A Day?

    The answer to this is yes, however, care should be taken not to over work the penis. Providing you have rest days and don’t expect too much too soon from yourself it is possible to exercise more than once a day.

    Can I Get Free Exercises On The Web?

    Whilst it is possible to find descriptions and pictures of exercises for free on the web, these exercises are often not 100% accurate and sometimes lack clarity. Unless you perform penis exercises exactly as they are meant to be performed you are risking injury and reducing the chances of seeing gains.

    With PenisHealth™ you get access to in-depth videos and photos which can talk you through the exercises in perfect clarity. Unlike most free information, with PenisHealth™ you receive expert and personal support, forum access, bonuses and a wealth of information to help you succeed!

    How Long Should I Leave Between Exercising And Having Sex?

    We recommend you leave at least two hours before and after exercising before engaging in sexual activity. This ensures the penis has enough time to recover and helps reduce the risk of any injury or over working occurring.

    Do I Really Need To Warm Up Before Beginning My Routine?

    In one word – YES! The warm up is an absolutely vital part of the program, not only can it help with blood circulation, it is also important to help prevent injury.

    Click here to read our testimonials page and see
    what other men just like you have achieved

    I Am A Little Overweight, Can PenisHealth™ Still Help?

    Yes, as with any type of exercise a healthy mind and physique helps make gains that little bit easier and more pronounced. However, even if you are unfit or overweight it is still possible to see gains from using the PenisHealth™ program.

    How Long Can I Perform The Program For?

    There are no set limits for the length of time you should carry out your routine. Many customers carry on for years even after they have reached their initial size targets and go on to see even GREATER GAINS.

    It all depends on how long you want to carry on with them, and because you get a full membership for a one-off fee, you know you are arming yourself with all the knowledge for a lifetime of penile training if you wish!

    I’m Not Circumcised, Is There Anything Special I Should Do?

    PenisHealth™ is designed to work for men everywhere and it makes no difference to what gains you may see if you are circumcised or not.

    Have You Got Any Testimonials From Customers?

    Of course we have. And hopefully yours will be added to them very soon.

    What About Privacy When I Order?

    Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. If you order the physical PenisHealth™ DVD it is shipped in discreet packaging with no reference to the contents.

    When you order your credit card will show Permenda, Pen-Health.com or Sizegenetics.com.

    We never sell your personal information on to Third Parties and we will always seek to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1988.

    Your Credit Card details are not kept on file. We use 128bit encryption technology and we have been certified “hacker safe”.

    Is Shipping Free?

    Yes; 100% free delivery when you buy the Diamond Package. This Diamond Package also includes online access too the exercises as well, so that you can get started within 10 minutes of ordering. But you’ll also have the physical DVD to watch on TV when it arrives in the post.

    If you have concerns let us help you and get you moving forward. We have an amazingly friendly support team. So if there’s ANYTHING at all that is bothering you, use the box below to ask us.

    You’re obviously ready to join PenisHealth™ now and get your immediate access to the simple to follow but potentially incredibly powerful exercises.

    They are medically endorsed and proven to help improve your sex life by quickly stimulating long term erection growth.

    And when you order, you’ll get instant access to the members area, even if it’s 3.30 in the morning. Which means you can start workign toward ending your problems 10 minutes from now.

    Click here to join PenisHealth™ and start enlarging your penis today!

    PenisHealth™ takes just 8 min a day, 3 times a week using the simple exercises, without the hours and hours of stretching or pumping other methods require.

    It also addresses multiple issues and helps provide multiple benefits.

    And with beginner, intermediate and advanced programs, PenisHealth™ grows with you!

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