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    Erectile Dysfunction

    The Stages of an Erection

    When faced with small erections, most men tend to hide their problem and even deny its existence. While this is all part of a perfectly natural self defense mechanism designed to protect the psyche, it will not help solve the problem in the least. As hard as admitting the problem and seeking erection therapy seems to be, it’s the only thing to do. The problem will never to go away on its own. The first question that any man feels the need to ask is why is this happening. However, the answer is not that simple and straightforward.

    But if we are to understand the system that governs erections, we have to take a closer look at each separate stage of the process. According to the anatomy books, there are four stages to a normal erection and they involve different parts of our bodies. Sex, like many other physiological processes, has to start in the brain and continue as an impulse traveling through the nervous system before any tangible effect can be observed. Unfortunately, the more complex a system is, the more chances of a glitch developing somewhere and putting everything at risk.

    Any erection begins with sexual arousal through one or more of the senses or with the help of thoughts. As the sexual stimulus reaches your brain, it puts the whole system in motion. The brain is not only the seat of consciousness, but also the governor of your body and nearly every action starts here. The second stage of an erection has the brain signaling the start of the actual, physical action. The central nervous system passes on the order to the nerves that extend from the sacral plexus and into the pelvic area to release nitric oxide into the blood vessels supplying the penis.

    The oxide dilates the vessels resulting into an increase in the amount of blood that reaches the penis and speeding up the flow rate. During the third stage of the erection, blood fills up the Corpora Cavernosa, the two sponge-like tissues located in the penis. The tissues stretch, the penis becomes rigid with blood and assumes the proper position for penetration. When the maximum erect level is reached, the level of nitric oxide in the blood vessels drops. The vessels tighten back up and blood is trapped inside the penis.

    The fourth stage of the erection is the final one. After ejaculation (and sometimes, unfortunately, before the ejaculation), the blood starts to leave the penis and rigidity vanishes. The Corpora Cavernosa are emptied and return to their normal size. The penis becomes flaccid once more and all that remains is the tingling sensation that follows the friction at skin level and the engorgement with blood.

    Erection therapy, such as penile fitness exercises, can help you overcome your problems and get rid of small erections. If the problem lies with the size of the Corpora Cavernosa and the amount of blood these tissues can absorb, then you can use exercises to expand the tissue both in length and girth. Bigger Corpora Cavernosa mean a bigger penis and, consequently, bigger erections that are bound to impress women and boost your self-esteem, thus eliminating a potential psychological cause of small erections.

    Furthermore, if the problem is poor blood flow in the pelvic area, penile fitness exercises are an excellent way of increasing the amount of blood commonly routed by the body to that particular place. As exercises require more blood than usual, the body learns to satisfy this demand over the long term. Would you like to discover how to enlarge your penis by up 3 inches using simple exercise? It is surprisingly simple yet incredibly effective and thousands of men have already benefited from our detailed routines. Click here to read more about our penis enlargement system.


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