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    Dangers of Jelqing – Do They Exist?

    Penis enlargement is not exactly a new thing, but a lot of people are still in the dark regarding what it actually means. People like to give their opinion on various things even if they don’t know much about them. But that’s what people usually do, so it’s no big deal. Problem is that some people like to badmouth things they haven’t tried and they like to look wise by advising others to watch out for supposed dangers.

    Take jelqing for example. If you go around asking men what they know about this particular technique, odds are you’re going to meet some guys who like to pretend they know all about it. These guys will probably tell you that jelqing is dangerous and that you should try something else or that penis enlargement doesn’t work at all and that you should go home and count your blessings. That’s why prospective penis enlargement customers wonder: “Does jelqing work?”

    Needless to say these guys are not to be trusted because they have no idea what they’re talking about and, therefore, they can’t give you any piece of advice worth hearing. If you really want to know about jelqing just keep reading because I’ll explain everything in detail and set the matter to rest once and for all. It’s better to spread honest and clear information than to make people turn to bad sources.

    Jelqing is an old penis enlargement technique, although it’s unclear when and where it was developed. There are some hints that it may have been used by Arab and African tribes, along with other body modification techniques. The technique in itself is not dangerous, especially since it’s based on the body’s own ability to change and adapt to new circumstances whenever required. So why do some people speak about the dangers of jelqing?

    The principle behind jelqing focuses on increasing the amount of blood the penis can hold while in the erect state. To this end, the user uses one hand as a clamp at the base of the shaft, while the other hand goes up and down, in a milking movement. Moving blood around in the penis puts pressure on certain spots and forces a number of cells to break open. Afterwards, the tissues replace the dead cells and add even more of them, thus expanding in size.

    The only danger when jelqing is the old haste. Most men want results as fast as possible, if not even faster. And so they end up jelqing too often or pushing their bodies further than they should. The body needs time to heal itself and produce more cells in order to keep the tissues expanding. Inches are not gained between days or in hours. What matters is not how hard you push yourself in one session, but the sustained overall effort over weeks and even months.

    So, you see, this is the real danger of Jelqing: overachieving. Trying to force nature to work at your pace instead of accepting the fact that you’re supposed to work with your body and not against it. Stick to your routine and you will see results in the end without any danger whatsoever.

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